Porcelain Ornaments - Star

Porcelain Ornaments - Star


Unique novelty gifts are perfect if you're looking for a gift with a difference. There's a range of items to choose from, like snow globes, porcelain ornaments, compact mirrors and even pet food bowls. You will have a novelty gift that will bring plenty of smiles just by adding a special photo.


Porcelain Ornaments - Heart, Star, Round, Snowflake & Lacey shape


Create a unique ornament using your favourite photo! Create ornaments of each family member to hang on the Christmas tree and display around the home and office. Makes a fun gift for family, friends and co workers. Comes with gold string for hanging. Five styles to choose from - full image on both sides. Dimensions
Heart - 7.1cm x 7.5cm,
Star - 7.9cm x 8.0cm
Round - Diameter 7.3cm
Snowflake - 7.7cm x 6.6cm
Lacey - Diameter 7.7cm
Material: Porcelain
Colour: White only
Weight: Heart - 30 grams, Star - 26 grams, Round - 33 grams, Snowflake - 27 grams, Lacey 32 grams

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