Best Mum Ever Bamboo Cutting Board 8x11"

Best Mum Ever Bamboo Cutting Board 8x11"


Available in a wide variety of designs in either 8x11" or 12x16", you can add the perfect final touch of a name of your choosing! 

Laser engraved onto beautiful bamboo, these personalised cutting boards are a must have for any kitchen!

Making these bamboo cutting boards is super easy! Simply select your favourite design, personalise with the name of your choosing, and take it through to the Check Out!

Board Variations

Each board is individually unique and they all have their own markings. Please note that colours will vary from board to board. The engraving process is a burning process and each type of wood burns differently depending on the hardness and age of the wood. This means that each board will burn differently and have varying depths and colour of burn.

Care Instructions

To take good care of your personalised board it is recommended that you don't soak it for long or put it in the dishwasher handwash only. It is advised to oil it regularly using vegetable oil as this will prevent your board from cracking.

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